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Royal Canadian Air Force pilot R. Childerhose, while flying in a 4 plane formation at an altitude of about 11 km on Aug 7: Analysis of case by Bruce Maccabee PhD optical physicist. From pilot’s letter to Philip Klass: It was stationary, with sharply defined edges. Looked like a shiny silver dollar sitting horizontal. The light emitted was much brighter than the existing sunlight and overexposed the film causing blurred edges in the picture It neither moved nor changed shape while I had it in sight. When I first saw the object it appeared as a very bright, clearly defined discoid, like a silver dollar lying on its side. The photo makes it look like a blob of light, the result of light intensity.

UFO hovers over Jerusalem shrine

The US Air Force formally listed the case as a mirage. Motorists claimed that their vehicles had restarted after the “object” had left. The object then ascended over a local suburb, according to reports. Witnesses still gather for reunions. Australian Skeptics, a non-profit organisation which investigates paranormal and pseudo-scientific claims by using scientific methodologies, believed that the object was an experimental military aircraft.

The Canadian Department of National Defence officially classified this sighting as unsolved following a naval search and investigation.

HOME THE PRUFOS POLICE DATABASE (Police Reporting UFO Sightings)My name is Gary Heseltine and I am a retired Detective Constable. I served in the British Transport police between Collar number In January I launched the database.

Pilot Sightings There have been over 3, documented sightings of Unidentified Aerial Phenomena by military, civilian and commercial airline pilots. These observations span the entire history of powered flight. Many of these cases come from declassified US government reports and investigations, international reports from official sources and the direct testimony of military and commercial pilots, air traffic controllers, and radar operators.

Selected pilot sighting cases, as well as in-depth overviews of several of the cases. The article first appeared in the Providence Journal on May 3, , and then, through national syndication, in the San Francisco Examiner and other major newspapers in mid-May, This is a fascinating and useful tool to develop an understanding of the threads of commonalties underlying many UAP cases.

After consulting much of the literature, talking to UFO historians, and visiting Dr. Richard Haines, here are the few known cases. Some are of very doubtful reliability. It has been prepared by combing the files of Australian UFO research groups, their magazines and Journals. Aviation Safety in America:

List of reported UFO sightings

Share Shares The Vietnam War was not well-known for its UFO sightings, but there were stories passed around by servicemen in the combat area and by people back home. Some of these stories are much more believable than others, but all of them show that the human mind is always looking for explanations for odd events. The lights turned seaward and came under fire from various ships in the area. Unfortunately, a US Navy swift boat got hit by friendly missiles and sank, killing five of the crew.

Throughout the confusion, the F-4s tried to make contact with the floating lights.

In a “death bed confession,” Boyd Bushman (a senior scientist at Lockheed Martin), wanted the world to know about all the classified data he had in his possession about aliens. In a final interview shortly before he died in August of , Bushman even showed pictures of alien space craft – and yes, aliens.

Type keyword s to search Footage in the Sky: This footage, recently posted on YouTube, is renewing UFO conspiracy theories that the government is hiding knowledge about its interactions with intelligent life. Here, two astronauts talk about NASA’s supposed coverup and what these clips really show. Its ; you’re an astronaut and you’re looking at a UFO. This is quite possibly the biggest, most game-changing scientific discovery in the history of mankind.

And here you are, gliding through space in low Earth orbit, watching this alien craft dance around your video camera’s viewfinder. You are not alone–there are other astronauts onboard the space shuttle, and mission control is watching the live feed from Houston. Apparently, it’s just another routine brush with extraterrestrial life, and another day in the life of a massive, decades-long, multiagency coverup.

This is the claim behind the recent posting of a batch of NASA-related clips on YouTube, presented as evidence that extraterrestrials are among us. The footage covers a number of missions, and a range of mysterious objects–in a clip featured on the science fiction blog io9 , a bizarre object rotates within the frame, seeming to morph from one shape to another as the cameraman casually tracks it. If that weren’t mysterious enough, at one point, a light drifts by. The post’s headline poses the question:

UFO aliens Pentagon: Latest on more sightings

Wells ‘s classic novel, The War of the Worlds. By mimicking a news broadcast, the show was quite realistic sounding for its time, and some listeners were fooled into thinking that a Martian invasion was underway in the United States. Widespread confusion was followed by outrage and controversy. Some later studies[ citation needed ] have argued that the contemporary press exaggerated the extent of the panic, but it remains clear that many people were caught up, to some degree, in the confusion.

In other countries, reactions were similar. In , part of the script for The War of the Worlds was read out over the radio in Quito, Ecuador without announcement, as if it were a major piece of breaking news.

RCAF pilot Childerhose Canada UFO Photo over the Canadian Rockies near Ft. MacCleod, Alberta, Canada.. Story: Royal Canadian Air Force pilot R. J. Childerhose, while flying in a 4 plane formation at an altitude of about 11 km on Aug PM, saw and photographed a bright, sharply-defined disk, that was remaining stationary between the clouds.

Thu, 28 Jan He must be more sensitive to the unknown than us and has many scary occurences to tell but the most recent one he has told us about is kinda freaky: My dad had to have surgery on his shoulder about 2 years ago. After he was out of the surgery room and back in his regular room he remembers waking up and coming out of the anesthesia. He said he immediately noticed strange, indicipherable shadows swishing throughout the room.

He just brushed it off as it being the effects of the anesthesia. However, as he was peacefully dozing off to sleep again he felt something briskly push on his temple and cause his head to move to the side. He snapped out of it wondering who touched him. He tried going back to sleep but he continued to feel invisible hands touching his head, his hair and his face throughout the night. He did not sleep well at all that night.

The next morning when he got up, he had completely recovered from the anesthesia and he got dressed and ready to go home. Then he felt something pressing down on his thigh right above his knee and when he looked down, he saw what looked like the imprints of two fingers pressing down on the fabric of his slacks right where he was being touched!

10 UFO Stories From The Vietnam War Era

Exploring the history of space-age efforts that never got off the ground. He was a visionary who became a giant in aviation, familiar today as the Northrop in Northrop Grumman. But he never saw his pet project come to life, the flying wing aircraft whose whole body was a lifting surface. With minimum drag and maximum lift, he imagined the radical design becoming an efficient long-range bomber.

The first true flying wing took flight in the mid s, and within half a decade all were gone from the skies.

Dating back at least 10, years, the intricate cave paintings found in a cave in India depict humans, animals, and everyday life in 8, BCE, but also kangaroos and giraffes not native to India. However, the most stunning parts of the cave paintings are the mysterious Alien Creatures and UFO’s which according to many, are evidence of.

High electric static filled the air, you could feel it on your skin as we approached the object. Movement didn’t feel ‘normal’, it was as if I was moving in slow motion. He was accompanied by airmen Burroughs and Cabansag, who remained at a distance, to facilitate communications back to the base, as their radios wouldn’t work. Identifying markings inscription with “hieroglyphic” symbols measuring 3-inches high, stretched for a length of 2. Re-created from Jim Penniston’s handbook notes.

Charles Halt Deputy Base Commander at the time of the incident and the men with him in the field, the UFO fired “pencil thin” beams of light, at least one of them onto “areas of high interest” -nuclear weapon storage areas- ref: Halt’s comments at The declassified report submitted by LtCol Halt a few days after the events. As he explained in later years ref: The Charles Halt Memo.

Pilot Sightings

Selected Sources Author’s Note: A recent report from NIDS, published in August of has now reassessed this hypothesis and brought once again into question, the source of the large, flying triangles, with the following observation: As you read the following analysis, bear in mind the context in which it was written in , on the heels of wide publicity for the NIDS DOD hypothesis.

That said, each day that now passes only adds to the case that the January 5, UFO over Illinois was not a military aircraft. And we all know where that leads. Since that time, the incident has been viewed by many as one of the most substantial UFO sightings in the history of the phenomenon, due almost entirely to the testimonials given by the law enforcement officers involved.

United States – Native Americans. Petroglyphs dating back thousands of years ago by ancient Indians in the American Southwest. According to Indian folklore, two objects collided high in the sky and one crash-landed in the region of Death Valley.

Their suspect, a well-known UFO conspiracy theorist and self-proclaimed alien abductee, walked outside to see investigators approach his house. That’s when police say he ran. Stan Romanek of Loveland has gained a cult-like following for his videos, talks, and supposed proof of extraterrestrial visitations. While fans heralded his work and critics laughed him off, the U. Department of Homeland Security and the Loveland Police Department were compiling evidence to arrest the year-old man on child porn charges.

Last month, the Loveland Police Department busted a man who, for decades, had pointed a finger at the government, accusing officials of concealing the truth about UFOs. A page document obtained by The Huffington Post contains police reports detailing an investigation that dates back to It also paints a striking narrative of Romanek himself, who adamantly believes that his arrest is part of a conspiracy to silence his work.

An internet protocol address traced back to Romanek allegedly had child pornography dating from August to December of that year, according to the report.

Have UFO Hunters Just Spotted An Alien Ship Orbiting An Asteroid?

In December , a lady contacted our website because she believed she had been abducted by aliens. But what made this encounter unique was that she also had film footage of the abduction! Cosmic Conpiracies has the World exclusive rights to this encounter and footage. Click here to read the complete story and view the footage The following article was written by guest writer, Harv Howard. We have been lead to believe that our efforts into space have advanced along purely typical lines of scientific investigation of natural phenomena such as Mankind has always done on Earth.

That quest has naturally moved outward to other worlds in our solar system and beyond as technology has allowed.

A spooky UFO with pulsating lights crash landed and exploded just 80 miles from the Russian city hosting England’s World Cup quarter final clash with Sweden.. Two glowing balls were seen lighting.

Did President Kennedy Meet Extraterrestrials? May 22, According to claims in a rare video , George Adamski met with President Kennedy at the White House in late and passed on a letter to him from human looking extraterrestrials. In addition to giving advice on the Cuban missile crisis, the alleged letter also contained an invitation for Kennedy to meet with the extraterrestrials. If Kennedy did attend such a meeting, it may explain: In order to keep this visit absolutely secret, Adamski was to take the invitation directly to the White House through a side door.

Still glowing with excitement and smiling happily, he explained how the row of cars in which his taxi was traveling had to stop because of a red light just in front of this particular door where a man he knew – a spaceman, he said – was standing ready to let him in. Adamski later learned that Kennedy had spent several hours at the airbase after having canceled an important trip to New York, and that he had a long talk with the ships crew, but that he had not been invited for a flight.

There is however no direct physical evidence that Kennedy met with the extraterrestrials Adamski was in contact with. So, yes, I believe that there is such a thing as other human species as well as UFOs. This is circumstantial evidence that Kennedy was either briefed or did meet with human looking extraterrestrials as Adamski claimed. A second set of circumstantial evidence concerns a leaked document that claims that Kennedy knew, while serving in the U.

Congress, about UFO crashes and the recovery of alien bodies. As a former Naval Intelligence officer, Kennedy was deemed reliable to receive such highly classified information. While the authenticity of the document in question, “Interplanetary Phenomenon Unit Summary,” is disputed, the U.

Rendlesham UFO case – Suffolk UK, Dec-1980

In its initial definition, the USAF stated that a “UFOB” was “any airborne object which by performance, aerodynamic characteristics, or unusual features, does not conform to any presently known aircraft or missile type, or which cannot be positively identified as a familiar object. During the late s and through the s, UFOs were often referred to popularly as ” flying saucers ” or “flying discs”.

The term UFO became more widespread during the s, at first in technical literature, but later in popular use. UFOs garnered considerable interest during the Cold War , an era associated with a heightened concern for national security, and, more recently, in the s, for unexplained reasons. He wrote, “Obviously the term ‘flying saucer’ is misleading when applied to objects of every conceivable shape and performance. For this reason the military prefers the more general, if less colorful, name:

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All persons, one male and four females, shared one thing in common: UFO encounters and contact with non-human alien beings. Pat Parrinellio, a 47 year old male from Houston, Texas, and Mary Jones a pseudonym 52, also from Texas, had the anomalous objects appear in X- rays, although both UFO experiencers had no record of previous surgeries. Roger Leir for surgery, based on their past UFO encounters and X-rays which confirmed the anomalous objects. All services were performed free of charge.

The alleged implants removed from the first set of surgeries were studied by two different pathologists, and then sent to various independent laboratories for extensive scientific analysis. The tests performed on these alleged alien implants were: Isotopic range tests are also in progress. But that is not all. While these unusual objects were being evaluated for scientific study, another set of implant surgeries took place on May 18,

Executive Summary and essential reading on UFOs

Click to playTap to play The video will start in 8Cancel Play now Get daily news updates directly to your inbox Subscribe Thank you for subscribingWe have more newsletters Show me See our privacy notice Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email A spooky UFO with pulsating lights crash landed and exploded just 80 miles from the Russian city hosting England’s World Cup quarter final clash with Sweden.

Two glowing balls were seen lighting up the midnight sky over the west of the ex-Soviet republic of Kazakhstan. Read More An “explosion” lit up the night sky in Kazakhstan Image:

Information, pictures and video documentaries on the landmark UFO incident at Bentwaters-Woodbridge military bases / Rendlesham forest (Suffolk, UK) in Dec Including independent corroborating sightings of similar UFO craft in Greece and Cyprus.

Several rock paintings found in the Chhattisgarh cave in India have given rise to countless conspiracy theories related to Aliens. The paintings show scenes that are believed to have been painted more than 10, years ago, in which several strange beings—and UFO like objects—appear to come down from the sky. Evidence of otherworldly beings? The cave paintings are out of this world. The archeology department in the area is believed to have asked the ISRO space agency for help in determining the strange nature of the paintings.

According to comments made by JR Bhagat, there is no question that these paintings depict anything other than extraterrestrials. Archaeologists believe its evidence of a forbidden history that has survived only because it was written in stone. In addition to the award creatures and disc-shaped objects, many of the paintings are the usual drawings of humans, animals and everyday life in 8, BCE. But it also stunned many because some depict kangaroos and giraffes not native to India at all and fish-like-creatures.

Extensive research is needed for further findings. The paintings are done in natural colors that have hardly faded despite the years. The strangely carved figures are seen holding weapon-like objects and do not have clear features.


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