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Seth Thomas Grandfather Clocks

Home Decor How to Identify a Vintage Thomas Mantel Pendulum Clock Famous American clockmaker Seth Thomas began his career as an apprentice to renowned clockmaker Eli Terry in , but by , he had purchased the clock factory from Terry and had begun producing his own clocks. Identifying a vintage mantel pendulum clock by Seth Thomas is sometimes difficult since he often hid the pendulum behind a small wooden door or delicately painted glass. Thomas started making shelf and mantel clocks in with pillar and scroll cases and a scene painted on the bottom third of the case.

Thomas formed a clock-making partnership in Plymouth, Connecticut with Eli Terry and Silas Hoadley as Terry, Thomas & Hoadley. In , he bought Terry’s clock business, making tall clocks with wooden movements, though chose to sell his partnership in , moving in to Plymouth Hollow, Connecticut, where he set up a factory to make.

Seth Thomas Regulator No. Around , cherry, oak, and old oak cases were introduced; with the final wood case available in mahogany and oak around The overall case length varied between 34 to Dating the manufacturing period can be difficult as there are many characteristics that need to be studied. As mentioned, the available woods changed, as did the construction and style of the base, the tablet, case length, dial and the numeral style, seconds bit, and the hands.

Some of the later cases have a series of numbers stamped or stenciled on the back of the case and by decoding the numbers, the month and year of manufacture can be determined. Over the life of the regulator, four different Seth Thomas movements were used in the timepiece, the number 61, 77, 77A, and the 77B. Each of the movements had a Graham deadbeat escapement, maintaining power, weight driven, and designed to operate with a 2- pound pendulum on a wooden rod.

Each had a series-numbered label on the inside bottom of the case. As you can see, this particular clock is number of 4,

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Update: Speaking of timepieces, BoomerangThang submitted this fine Seth Thomas (“America’s oldest clockmaker”) specimen to our photo group today. Another one, whose owner says he noticed the clock in Wes Anderson’s “The Live Aquatic”.

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Stories about clocks, time, folklore, the whys and hows of time keeping and restoration. The market grew rapidly and competition became severe. An economic recession in brought the clock business almost to a halt. While thinking over my business troubles and disappointments, I could not help feeling very much depressed.

Marketed wooden movement shelf clock company that our clock wont set dating from and dimes plus coin jewelry collectible auction. 23, by seth thomas, seth thomas, seth thomas chiming mantel clocks, it has a date: wall clocks like seth thomas is available.

September 23, Dear Herschede Dealer: It is with deep regret that we inform you that Arnold Industries will immediately implement a plan to restructure the Herschede Hall Clock division from a manufacturer of the finished clocks to a supplier of quality tubular bell movements to the industry. We have tried extremely hard to avoid such a substantial change in our company, but the changes in the economy and the market led us to this decision.

Consumer compromise to less expensive, mass produced clocks along with deep discounting by manufacturers has created unsettled market factors. Additionally, you are aware that our national economy has weakened for a number of years, adding to the declining demand for high quality luxury goods. We plan to be at the October market to take orders for cases already in production, and we will assemble and finish clocks until current inventories are depleted.

We expect to be able to accept clock orders for the next six to nine months. John Robert Arnold, the Board of Directors and the Herschede staff Join me in thanking you for faithful service and support of Herschede. We hope you will continue to sell our movement in clocks manufactured in the future by other clock manufacturers. Any support that you might give us in our new direction will be greatly appreciated. What Model Hershede do I Have? There are usually three sets of numbers stamped on the back of the Herschede Hall clock Cases.

One number will be on every removable piece of the clock, this is the production line number, One number is the Model number, usually three digits, The other number, well I’m not sure what is is. Clocks with four digit numbers, while very nice clocks, are usually lower end models with German rod chime movements..

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If your watch isn’t on this SN chart please send us a picture. Even though , numbers were blocked for the Model 5, fewer than half of that were actually made. The most common signature, appearing at SN , right to the end. A signature used on the vast majority of named grades and private-label Model 5s in all five serial number blocks. The only cursive font and a very rare one, reported so far in just the first SN block and only on private-label watches.

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Dating a Seth Thomas Movement

Letter, 9 April Letter, 20 April Letter, 20 April , from B. He wonders when fighting between the armies might commence. He asks about his children and adds that he has not received any letters from his wife.

Also, based on the lack of date stamp on the back of the case (Seth stopped date stamping the back of their clocks right around ) and the overall case construction, I am confident dating this clock between and This is a circa / Seth Thomas Office No. 6 model wall regulator.

This impressive oak case wall clock measures 54 inches long. Big regulators like this one are visually pleasing. The gentle motion of the pendulum is a sight to see. The case has been recently refinished and features a warm golden oak coloring. The painted dial measures 14 inches in diameter and is painted on a zinc pan. It is in excellent original condition which is remarkable for a Seth Thomas clock.

The movement is brass and is very good quality.

Seth Thomas. Regulator No. 18. Wall timepiece in oak.

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This key will not fit Seth Thomas clocks with German movements or Seth Seth Thomas Mantle Desk Clock Antique Tambor Made in USA. by Seth Thomas. $ (1 used offer) Product Features Brand:Seth Thomas. Amazon’s Choice for “Seth Thomas clock parts”.

Excerpt from an catalog. Seth Thomas is perhaps the most recognized American clock manufacturer of all time. Almost everyone over the age of 40 has heard that name associated with clocks of some sort. Where other American clock companies came and went in a relatively short time period the Seth Thomas Clock Company has existed in one form or another up until modern times.

Imported clocks from Germany, England and France were typically too expensive for the average American home. Because of this there was an excellent opportunity for American ingenuity to produce an affordable clock and many companies were formed based around this very idea. From the beginning of this clock manufacturing boom there were a large number of companies producing these inexpensive yet very functional and durable clocks. Many of these companies were destined to have very short lives where others like Seth Thomas, Welch, Ingraham, Waterbury, New Haven and Ansonia among others would last for many decades.

Of all of these various companies the name Seth Thomas endured longer than almost all of them. Of course, as time progressed the Seth Thomas Company ceased to be owned by members of the original family. Seth Thomas was born in in Connecticut, an important hub for American clock innovation.

Dating a seth thomas mantel clock

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Seth Thomas Model E511–003

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